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Los Roques, Venezuela Los Roques, Venezuela Los Roques, Venezuela
South America

The Southern America is constituted by one continental block delimited by Central America to the North through the Panama istmo, by Pacific Ocean to the West, by Atlantic Ocean to the East. It touch lightly Antarctica to the South, from which it's separated by Drake Channel, wide approximately 1000 kilometers and separating Atlantic Ocean from Pacific Ocean.
Southern America is located two thirds party in Austral hemisphere. The area is about 17 million square kilometers, the population is 350 million of inhabitants.
12 sovereign countries are part of Southern America.

  Argentina Bolivia   
  Brazil Chile    
  Colombia Ecuador   
  Guyana Paraguay   
  PerĂ¹ Suriname   
  Uruguay Venezuela   
Los Roques, Venezuela Los Roques, Venezuela - Aerial view Brazil - Iguazu Falls