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Oymyakon - The cold North-Pole

Info and details about the coldest populated place of the globe

Oymyakon (or Ojmjakon) is a village of 900 people located in Sakha (Jakutia) Russian Autonomous Repubblic, Eastern Siberia, onshore of Indigirka river, 740 m above sea level (63°14'59" N; 143°08'59" E).
Oymyakon, Siberia - © Jarmo Moilanen Originally populated only during short summer by nomad reindeer hunter, from 1930, in effort of Soviet government to settle nomadic asiatic populations, the village was made a permanent settlement during winter too.
Oymyakon, Siberia - © Jarmo Moilanen The January 26th, 1926, it was recorded the temperature of −71.2 °C (−96.2 °F), the absolute lowest temperature measured in populated place of the Earth.
The ground of Oymyakon is frozen in most part of the year with average temperature of -45°C in long cold winter and up to +25 °C in short summer. River Indigirka's water curiously doesn't freeze because of warm spring.
In 2006 January and February, during the coldest winter of last 30 years, Oymyakon temperature didn't go higher than -50°C.
Oymyakon, Siberia - © Jarmo Moilanen Oymyakon people lives in coal-burning house at temperatures of +30°C in order to absorb so much warmth and to stand out long time. In Oymyakon land there isn't any cultivation, there are only native vegetation tundra typical.
The people's food is horse-meat, reindeer-meat, horse-milk and reindeer-milk.
Living at subzero environment is hardly and difficult and so much different than living at usual temperature: several object usually utilized in common life aren't usuable at extreme low temperatures, because the constituent elements change their atomic structure. For example some electronic devices i.e. mobile phones are strongly damaged when exposed at -40°C.
Oymyakon, Siberia - © Jarmo Moilanen Oymyakon has the record of cold North-Pole, as showed with monument going into village; neverthless other places on the Earth are defined as cold pole, beacause of extreme temperatures measured. In Austral hemisphere, near Russian station/laboratory of Vostok, Antarctica, in August 24th 1960 was recorded -88,3 °C (-129 °F), the lowest temperature measured on the Earth (but in non-populated permanently place). Cold pole of boreal hemisphere are of greater interest, because they are permanently populated: other than Oymyakon, there are Verkhoyansk and Tomtor, in Eastern Siberia too, with temperatures swinging around -65°C.
Between 1996 December and 1997 March Finnish-men Jarmo Moilanen, Marko Riikonen and Jukka Ruoskanen have performed an expedition in Oymyakon and Tomtor, reporting fully and striking extreme life in these remote lands (go to website for more details).

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Oymyakon, Siberia - © Jarmo Moilanen